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6 Nov 2014

Quests, as the most significant part in the game, can help players do well both in the leveling up and the gold farming. Below you will find the related main quests when you are leveling in the Thundering Steppes zone.Heritage Quests Involving TS: These Boots Were Made for WalkingAn Antonic based quest, but there are 2 steps to do in TS, kill Bloodtalon and turn in the materials to the dwarf NPC Minty Frostbeard in Thundermist Village. An Axe From the PastRemember those Giants you were killing? They occasionally drop giant totems which when examined trigger the Words of a Giant language quest.

Collect more totems to master the language. Then talk to Obsid Boulderboom the Giant to start this quest. The Journey is Half the FunOne leg of this heritage quest is running in TS. Be advised you will need someone to fifa 15 coins evac you to the docks to finish in time. Hadden’s EarringThis heritage quest begins and ends on the dock in TS.

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