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18 Nov 2014

2012, the fall of Death wing, Cataclysm did not become an actual end of the world. Along with cheap fifa 15 coins China elements wind, Realm of War craft: Mists of Pandora open Nazareth fighters was standing up again. Key Pula Celebrity, people, Zero and Protons progressed fight models and skills will be put into a new battleground, Vengeance of the rage of the Master of Rotor blades, is about to spark the whole 2013.

Way to follow the players of Blizzard actions, not only to encounter the impressive activity material, Net Ease and Blizzard to carry together a prosperity of actions in line with the encounter to get WOW Gold, game playing star, as well as the field of activity well-known individuals get together. Designed for young college players to create the “Blizzard campus” in turn set off the first one fourth of 2013.

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